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Shenzhen hongtuda paper products Co. Ltd. is a leading paper products manufacturer integrating product image design, printing and packaging, research on production engineering.The company has an independent 10000 square meters plant and introduced printing machines from different coutries. Including Koenig & Bauer five-color printing machine from Germany,Komori five-color printing machine,Komori four-color printing machine and Komori four-color printing machine from Japan.A complete set of 2 wire stiching machine for instructions, and a set of machine for sewing and gluing is also included.We can do oil polishing, UV varnishing, glue varnishing, bronze varnishing, partial UV varnishing and other supporting processing equipment for the surface treatment. The company serves customers with the purpose of "quality for survival and reputation for development"

Over the past ten years, it has achieved consistent recognition and praise among customers in various industries.With a well-equipped and professional staff team, we have rich productive experience in all kinds of picture books and packing materials (color boxes, color boxes, mobile phone boxes, electronic gift boxes, picture books), handbags, manuals, posters, color cards, tags, etc.

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